Precisely the right antenna.


Calian offers a range of reliable, accurate and affordable antenna options and accessories for any Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) timing application including communications systems, electrical power grids and financial networks.

Time and timing are at the core of all GNSS constellations, which have been designed to provide three primary functions: Position, Navigation and Time (PNT). All satellites within a constellation have their clocks synchronized either to their own timing reference (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou) or to Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) (GLONASS).  The navigation and the ranging messages broadcast by GNSS constellations contain information that enable users to precisely estimate the constellation time and then compute a UTC time estimate.

GNSS constellations enable precise global time distribution. Accurate and precise time synchronization has become an integral part of modern technology. Without precise time: cellular, electrical and computer networks would fail to function optimally. Calian’s unique patented antennas have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of precise timing.

Key features include:

  • Accurate and precise positioning with Calian’s patented antenna technology
  • Robust housings with mounting options
  • Multi constellation coverage to maximize the number of observations available for position and time estimation (GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou)
  • Active receive-only Iridium and Iridium+GNSS antennas
  • Wide operating temperatures with some models rated as low as -55°C
  • Multi-signal and multi-band support
  • Excellent multi-path rejection for superior performance in high multi-path/reflection environments
  • Range of sizes and weights from very compact to mid-sized
  • Embedded versions for use in custom enclosures with custom-tuning available
  • Optional pre-filters to enhance out-of-band signal rejection
  • Low current antennas to work with battery powered receivers
  • Wide voltage range for broad receiver compatibility
  • Strong electrostatic discharge immunity

Timing Antennas:

Single Band

Housed, Embedded


Dual Band

Housed, Embedded


Triple Band

Housed, Embedded




“Calian’s precision engineered antennas, combined with excellent reliability, high gain and multi constellation options perfectly complements our range of top-quality, precision time servers.”

Andy Shinton – Director of TimeTools Ltd.