Custom Antenna Solutions

To support our customers, Calian provides antenna customization, installation guides and a variety of engineering services.

Antenna customization can include ceramic patch or helical antenna element tuning with a selection of antenna cable types and custom lengths ordered from factory with a wide variety of connectors available. Calian offers many technical notes and guides which list best practices and principles to consider through the implementation of both housed and embedded antenna types.

During the customer product design phase, our team can work with you and arrange a meeting to review the unique design, asking questions related to the antenna placement, ground plane size, mechanical restrictions, etc… helping provide you with engineering guidance and support. The available antenna tuning service will simulate the potential impact the antenna environment will have within the customer enclosure, providing feedback to the customer about how to optimize the frequencies of interest.

Calian has an established history helping global customers with the successful implementation of our GNSS antennas. Discover Calian to learn more about our antenna customization solutions.


Trusted Partners and Customers

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