Anti-Jam Technology

Calian’s single band (L1/G1/E1/B1) Accutenna® Anti-Jam Antenna technology modifies the antenna radiation pattern so that jammer signals arriving from an elevation angle of +15 to -10  degrees above and below the horizon are blocked. In addition to blocking low elevation signals the AJ option slightly increases the gain of the antenna at high elevation angles.

Calian AJ antenna can mitigate, ground or near ground based jamming signals that can saturate the antennas Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and prevent signals from being passed to the GNSS receiver. Given that the AJ feature, significantly reduces the tracking of low elevation satellites it is strongly recommended that users consider using antennas and receivers that support more than one constellation so that the receiver can provide continuous tracking (track more that 4 satellites).

TW3xxx AntiJam Drawing

Calian Anti-Jam Antenna Models

GPS L1GPS L1 + GLONASS G1GPS L1 + GLONASS G1 + Galileo E1 + BeiDou B1
TW3142TW3442TW3742 and TW3752

Anti-Jamming Technology Presentation