TW5387 Smart GNSS UDR Antenna for High Accuracy Rover Positioning



GPS/QZSS-L1, GPS/QZSS-L5, Galileo-E1, Galileo-E5a, BeiDou-B1, BeiDou-B2a


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The TW5387 is a multi-band (L1/L5), multi-constellation integrated GNSS receiver/antenna with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) (for Untethered Dead Reckoning) and RTK for Precise Point Positioning. The TW5387 is capable of providing sub 1 meter accuracy stand alone, and 1 cm accuracy with RTK corrections. Incorporating an IMU to achieve Sensor Fusion, TW5387 supports the most demanding positioning applications in the most challenging environments such as a dense urban canyon. 

Interference Resilience

The TW5387 incorporates the latest generation multi-band (L1/L5) GNSS receiver and IMU with a Calian Accutenna® multi-band (L1/L5) dual feed patch. The state of the art GNSS receiver supports concurrent tracking of three major constellations (GPS, BeiDou, and Galileo) in multiple frequency bands. The multi-band (L1/L5) architecture is highly effective method for the removal of ionospheric error. The TW5387 employs multi-stage filtering with low noise figure LNAs, combined with the dual feed Accutenna®, which greatly improves the rejection of multi-path signal interference. The IMU Sensor Fusion with GNSS data and optionally speed data further mitigates the effects of severe multi-path reflections and provides continuous position availability during periods of GNSS signal obstruction offering exceptional performance to meet the most challenging precise positioning applications. 

Real-time Kinematic Positioning

The TW5387 offers support RTCM Real-Time Kinematic corrections allowing performance optimization to sub 1 cm. The concurrent multi-band (L1/L5) access to three satellite constellations improves the receiver’s convergence capability to deliver a quick, precise and reliable position solution which is unaffected by ionospheric errors, and improved resilience to jamming. 

The TW5387 accepts RTK RTCM messages from a base station to act as a rover in RTK mode, and includes IMU. The TW5387 provides sub 1 cm positioning accuracy in conjunction with applied RTK corrections. 

The TW5387 works with Point One Navigation’s Polaris N-RTK service and Swift Navigation Skylark N-RTK service.


  • Improved noise immunity with multi-band ST TESEO V GNSS Receiver chipset (Quectel) 
  • On-board Inertial Measurement Unit (UDR and ADR – wheelticks) provides continuous availability during periods of signal loss 
  • Improved multi-path rejection with Dual feed L1/L5 Accutenna® 
  • Multi-band GNSS receiver is resilient to ionospheric errors 
  • High reliability timing with expansive constellation array
  • Exceptional position performance standalone without correction services 
  • Broad 5V-36V operation 
  • RS-422 differential or RS-232 signaling 
  • Industrial grade IP69K enclosure 
  • Rugged fixed mount 
  • Multiple cable lengths (5m, 15m and 25m) 
  • Available with conical radome 


33-5387-07-yy-zz-PC0 (RJ45; Data and Timepulse: RS-422, PC0 = NMEA out, no adaptor cable.)
33-5387-27-yy-zz-PC0 (RJ45; Data: RS-232, Timepulse RS-422, PC0 = NMEA out, no adaptor cable.)
yy = Radome (00=grey conical, 10-grey low profile, 01-white conical, 11=white low profile)
zz = Cable length in meters. Standard is 5m. (15m and 25m are special order only)

33-5387-07-yy-zz-PC0 SDK Test Adaptor required for programming 33-0095-10

33-5387-27-yy-zz-PC0 SDK Test Adaptor required for programming 33-0095-13