Calian introduces TW5387 Smart GNSS Antenna with ST TESEO V GNSS receiver chipset 

April 9, 2024

Calian introduces TW5387 Smart GNSS Antenna with ST TESEO V GNSS receiver chipset 

Introduction of the TW5387 Smart GNSS Antenna with ST TESEO V GNSS receiver chipset
underscores Calian commitment to the broadest range of industrial-grade Smart GNSS Antennas

(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 9, 2024)

Calian is releasing a new model in its industry-leading range of Industrial Grade Smart GNSS Antennas, the TW5387.  TW5387 incorporates the ST TESEO V GNSS receiver chipset (Quectel Module) onto the Calian compact (60 mm) Smart GNSS Antenna platform offering dual band GNSS, eXtended Filtering, low Phase Centre Variation, Low Signal to Noise Ratio, Dual Feed Dual Patch for strong multi-path rejection.  The TW5387 is capable of enhancing its excellent standalone performance with RTK Rover capability and a built-in Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for Sensor Fusion.  As a Smart GNSS antenna from Calian, it is engineered to minimize RF impairments that affect the performance of the GNSS receiver and provide GNSS coordinates to the host system over a robust digital interface for noise resilience.

TW5387 is suited for Automotive, UAV, Robotics, and Defense applications that require high-precision location and timing. It is compatible with N-RTK correction services such as Point One Navigation’s Polaris and Swift Navigation’s Skylark.

TW5387 has the following features:

FeatureSmart GNSS Antenna
Teseo V compatibleTW5387
Base/RoverTW5384, TW5394, TW5794
Base/Rover, Moving Base Precise HeadingTW5384, TW5394, TW5794, HCS885XF, HCS885EXF
L-Band PointPerfect PPP-RTK AugmentationTW5390, TW5390C, TW5790, TW5394, TW5794
Network RTKAll
Rover, IMU for Sensor FusionTW5390, TW5390C, TW5386, TW5387
Network PointPerfect PPP-RTK AugmentationAll (except TW5387)
Ultra LightweightHCS885XF, HCS885EXF
L1/L5HCS885XF, HCS885EXF, TW5387

About Calian GNSS Ltd.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Calian® is focused on high-precision GNSS and Iridium antenna design and manufacturing. Calian® is known for its Accutenna®, VeraPhase®, VeraChoke®, VeroStar™, and Helical antenna innovations. These technologies have provided accuracy and precision that exceed customer expectations.