TW5394 Smart GNSS Antenna for Precise Heading; u-blox ZED-F9P + NEO-D9S 



GPS/QZSS-L1, GPS/QZSS-L2, GLONASS-G1, GLONASS-G2, Galileo-E1, Galileo-E5b, BeiDou-B1, BeiDou-B2, L-band correction services


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The TW5394 is a multi-band (L1/L2), multi-constellation integrated GNSS receiver/antenna with integrated L-Band augmentation receiver for stand-alone PointPerfect® PPP- RTK applications. The TW5394 is capable of providing sub 6 cm PPP-RTK accuracy and sub 1 cm RTK accuracy to support the most demanding navigation, automation and precision mobility applications. Two TW5394s may be combined as a Moving Base and Rover arrangement to offer a Precise Heading solution. 

Interference Resilience

The TW5394 incorporates a latest generation multi-band (L1/ L2) GNSS receiver with a Calian Accutenna™ multi-band dual-feed patch. The state-of-the-art GNSS receiver supports concurrent tracking of all four major constellations (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS ) in multiple frequency bands, offering high availability for PPP-RTK or RTK solutions with a quick convergence time. The multi-band architecture has proven to be a highly effective method for the removal of ionospheric error. The TW5394 employs multi-stage XF™ filtering with low noise figure LNAs, combined with the dual feed Accutenna™, which greatly improves the rejection of multi-path signal interference. 

Corrections Applications

The TW5394 incorporates an L-Band correction receiver which offers sub 6 cm accuracy through real-time PPP-RTK corrections via the PointPerfect subscription service. (No RTK base station is required, typical of traditional RTK applications.) TW5394 offers quick convergence and continuous corrections for North America and Europe for remote regions without IP/Network coverage. PointPerfect IP streaming corrections are available in continental US, Canada, Europe, South Korea and Australia. 

The TW5394 may also be configured to operate in an RTK mode as either a base or rover for sub cm precision. For Precise Heading applications, two TW5394’s may be arranged as a moving base and rover pair. The moving base device may receive PPP-RTK corrections while concurrently sending RTCM correction messages to the rover. 


  • An out-of-the-box, plug-and-play, precise positioning solution
  • Integrated L-Band corrections receiver for remote precision deployments
  • High position availability with XF™ filtering and expansive constellation
  • Strong multi-path rejection with dual feed Accutenna™
  • Supports PointPerfect PPP-RTK and traditional RTK configurations
  • Moving-base/rover pairing for precise heading
  • Rugged fixed mount
  • Industrial grade IP69K enclosure
  • RS-422/485 or RS-232 signalling options
  • Industrial-grade IP69K enclosure
  • Available with conical radome
  • L1/L5 option available