ARM933XF Extended-Filter Triple-Band GNSS Antenna + L-Band



GPS/QZSS-L1, GPS/QZSS-L2, GPS/QZSS-L5, GLONASS-G1, GLONASS-G2, GLONASS-G3, Galileo-E1, Galileo-E5a, Galileo-E5b, BeiDou-B1, BeiDou-B2a, L-band correction services, Beidou-B2b


ARINC Mini (2" * 1.66")

Amplifier Gain

33 dB typ.

Connector Options

TNC Female

SMA (female)

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Available Q2, 2024

Calian® Wireless is excited to announce that it has added the ARM933XF triple-band plus L-Band GNSS antenna to its industry-leading line of GNSS antenna products. The ARM933XF employs Calian’s patented Accutenna® technology providing GPS/QZSS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS-G1/G2/G3, Galileo E1/E5a/E5b, and BeiDou B1/B2a/B2b + L-Band coverage. The ARM933XF antenna is designed for precision triple-frequency positioning where lightweight and a low profile are important.

The ARM933XF antenna is available in two form factors one includes a 100mm integrated ground plane (weights ~140 grams) and the other one is 83mm in diameter and weighs ~138 grams. Both are ~19mm tall and support the ARINC mini bolt pattern of 2.0” x 1.66”. Calian’s ARM933XF is one of the smallest and lightest housed triple-band precision Mini ARINC GNSS antennas on the market. It has a very tight average phase center variation of less than 10mm for all frequencies and overall azimuths and elevation angles.

In addition to supporting two form factors, both models are available with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) qualified components.

Housed in a weatherproof (IP67) enclosure, the ARM933XF is available in four versions. Model ARM933XF-1 (ARM933XF-1-S (LEO Space qualified components)) has an integrated 100mm ground plane, Model ARM933XF-2 (ARM933XF-2-S LEO Space qualified components) is 83mm in diameter. All models are available with either a female SMA or TNC connector.

The new ARM933XF antenna supports Calian’s eXtended Filtering (XF) technology. Worldwide the radio frequency spectrum has become congested as many new LTE bands have been activated, and their signals or harmonic frequencies can affect GNSS antennas and receivers. In North America, the planned Ligado service, which will broadcast in the frequency range of 1526 to 1536 MHz, can affect GNSS signals. Similarly, new LTE signals in Europe [Band 32 (1452 – 1496 MHz)] and Japan [Bands 11 and 21 (1476 – 1511 MHz)] have also affected GNSS signals. Calian’s XF technology mitigates all these signals.


  • Very low noise preamp (< 2.5 dB typ.)
  • Tight phase centre variation
  • High-gain LNA (33 dB typ.)
  • Low current (45 mA typ.)
  • ESD circuit protection (15 kV)
  • Invariant performance from 2.5 to 16 VDC
  • IP69K, REACH, RoHS, and S-9401.V1.0 compliant


  • Excellent interference mitigation
  • Excellent multipath rejection
  • Increased system accuracy
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio