Calian adds HCS885XF/HCS885EXF Smart Helical/embedded Smart Helical GNSS antenna to its line of Smart GNSS Antennas

September 5, 2023

Calian adds HCS885XF/HCS885EXF Smart Helical/embedded Smart Helical GNSS antenna to its line of Smart GNSS Antennas

(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, September 5, 2023). Calian® is broadening its line of Smart GNSS Antennas beyond its current dual feed patch antenna platform to include antennas based on its patented helical GNSS element to target the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market. The HCS885XF/HCS885EXF combines the excellent performance and light weight of the Calian dual-band (GPS/QZSS L1/L5, GLONASS G1/G3, Galileo E1/E5a/b, BeiDou B1/B2/B2a) HC885SXF antenna with the low power consumption and GNSS augmentation capabilities of the u-blox NEO-F9P GNSS receiver. This tightly coupled pairing delivers a high precision RTK/PPP-RTK capable Smart Helical Antenna supporting precise heading, perfect for industrial use UAVs, land survey devices, automotive positioning, and other precise positioning/heading applications.

HCS885XF/HCS885EXF employs L5 Signals (1160-1217 MHz) vs. L2, which transmits stronger signal power and a higher bandwidth chipping rate to offer superior performance when challenged with strong multipath. Further, it employs Calian’s eXtended Filtering system, which mitigates near-band and out-of-band interference, such as LTE signals and their harmonics, and the planned Ligado service in North America, enabling operation in the most challenging deployments. Calian’s 3cm helical technology with a zenith axial ratio of <0.5 dB, and low phase center variation of 3mm does not require a ground plane and is therefore an excellent choice for UAV applications. The HCS885XF/HCS885EXF integrated receiver can monitor four simultaneous constellations, support for base/rover RTK configurations (<1 cm), and uBlox PointPerfect® PPP-RTK augmented services over a terrestrial control network (3-6 cm). A moving-base precise heading configuration is available with base/rover antenna pairs.

HCS885XF weighs in at about 38 g and is a flush mount IP67 rated enclosure, 52.75mm high and 44.55 mm dia. with an inset 6 position JST receptacle connector for compatibility with the popular PixHawk open-source UAV architecture. The mounting also incorporates a water-proofing O-Ring and three screw holes to enable secure attachment. The HCS885EXF weighs in at 8 g and is a flush mount component, 41.11mm high and 38.75 mm dia, with an inset 6 position JST receptacle connector.

The HCS885XF/HCS885EXF builds on Calian’s 10+ years of integrating its antenna technology with receiver technology in an easy-to-deploy package that mitigates common GNSS engineering challenges. Calian is committed to continuing this innovation by integrating Smart GNSS Antenna solutions utilizing the complete range of Calian antenna technologies with positioning technologies from a range of partners to provide customers with reliable, future-proofed solutions.

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Based in Ottawa, Canada, Calian® is focused on high-precision GNSS and Iridium antenna design and manufacturing. Calian® is known for its Accutenna®, VeraPhase®, VeraChoke®, VeroStar™, and Helical antenna innovations. These technologies have provided accuracy and precision that exceed customer expectations.