Today’s mobile applications are increasingly mission-critical and autonomous, requiring centimetre-precision in real-world environments.

Redefining precision.

Combining Calian’s world-class antenna technology with u-blox’s dual-frequency and inertial sensing corrections receivers, Tallymatics delivers the Point Perfect (L-Band correction service) precise positioning performance in a compact “integration-ready” packaging technology.

The result: performance (3-6 cm performance with <45 seconds convergence1) that unlocks a world of autonomous mobility in the most challenging settings, from urban canyons to the radio silence of environments far from any terrestrial communication network coverage support.

Introducing the TW5990 Integrated corrections precise positioning smart antenna receiver.

What’s in the streamlined TW5990 package?

Calian Precision Antenna

Calian is renowned for its antenna prowess, offering several key performance features integrated into the TW5990:

  • Accutenna® Dual Feed patch greatly improves multi-path rejection of reflections such as those common in deep urban canyon settings.
  • Accutenna® Stacked-Patch delivers Multi-Constellation (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou) and multi-band (GPS L1C/A L2C, GLO L1OF L2OF, GAL E1B/C E5b, BDS B1I B2I), virtually eliminating ionospheric error effects.
  • Multi-Stage filtering with low noise figure LNA’s ensure Accutenna® offers exceptional out of band interference rejection and overall superior performance.

u-blox Inertial Receiver for Multi-Constellation/Multi-Band operation with corrections

u-blox is one of the biggest names in embedded GNSS Receivers. TW5990 employs u-blox’s state-of-the-art “F9, Dual Band GNSS module with precision corrections and inertial sensor fusion”, delivering:

  • Concurrent tracking of all four major constellations in both L1 and L2
  • Multi-Band operation for ionospheric noise immunity
  • Real-Time Kinematic (PPP-RTK) corrections with <45 second Point Perfect convergence
  • Inertial Measurement Unit for further accuracy in deep urban canyon settings.

Tallymatics understands that mobile applications wander far afield from terrestrial communications networks and will not always receive IP/network corrections.  The TW5990 includes an integrated L-Band corrections receiver enabling reception of  PPP-RTK (SPARTN) formatted corrections via the u-blox Point Perfect subscription service. 

“Built to integrate” package

Finally, the TW5990 in a package was designed to be integrated into all kinds of mobile platforms.  The integrated ground plane offers optimized performance while providing isolation from body structure ground currents.

The Result

Calian and Tallymatics have delivered the Smart GNSS antenna that you need to build your mobile application-specific product with full confidence that it always knows exactly where it is. Just what you needed to get your product to market fast and smoothly.