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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Augmentation Technology: Out-of-the-Box RTK, PPP-RTK from Concept to Realization

Resource/Publication Type: Webinars
Topic(s): GPS World - GNSS Augmentation
Industry: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Precision Agriculture - Autonomous Vehicles - Navigation and Orientation
Published On: December 1, 2022


About the Webinar

This webinar, hosted by GPS World and sponsored by Tallymatics, focuses on GNSS interference, including its sources and effects, detection methods, and mitigation techniques employed by precision GNSS receivers and antennas.

Topics covered:

  • The concepts and math models for RTK and PPP, which enhance basic GNSS. These positioning techniques will be compared, and the pros and cons of each technique will be listed.
  • u-blox’s latest multi-constellation, multi-band receiver modules, the PointPerfect augmentation service, its unique distribution models and the positioning accuracy that can be attained with the technology.
  • Tallymatics latest smart GNSS antenna design that provides full performance of u-blox’s latest GNSS modules (F9x family) integrated into an ‘off-the-shelf’ complete solution: the TW5390 Smart Antenna with IP Network and L-Band augmentation


  • Bruce Shields, Director, Tallymatics Group
  • Sunil Bisnath, Professor, Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, York University
  • Franco de Lorenzo, Principal Product Owner, u-blox

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