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The TW4500 employs Tallysman’s unique Accutenna® technology, covering the Globalstar frequency band (1610 MHz – 1620 MHz).


  • Novel 25mm, wideband dual feed patch
  • 4.25 dBic Gain on 100mm Ground plane.
  • Great axial ratio, <3 dB over full bandwidth
  • Weather proof, IP67 housing
  • Low Cost all-plastic housing
  • Magnetic mount
  • Wide range of connector options


  • Truly circular polarized signal transmission
  • Environment tolerant tuning
  • Truly circular with great multipath rejection
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Rugged Design
  • No compromise for cost sensitive applications
  • RoHS compliant


The TW4500 is the smallest dual feed, high performance Globalstar antenna available.

With a compact dual-feed, passive Left Hand Circularly Polarised (LHCP) antenna,  the TW4500 is specifically designed to maximise the performance of the Globalstar STU (Simplex Transmit Unit) modems.

The TW4500 has a wide-band dual-feed patch element, providing an excellent axial ratio across the entire Globalstar bandwidth. Unlike single feed antennas, the TW4500 provides excellent multi-path rejection and a truly circular transmission response across the full bandwidth.

The TW4500 is housed in an industrial-grade weather-proof enclosure that can be surface mounted via magnet, screws or adhesive material.

The TW4500 can also be configured with a 50cm coaxial cable, allowing for a globalstar modem to be mounted away from external elements, yet still access excellent Globalstar™ coverage.


TW4xxx Housed Drawing
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