TW5387 Smart GNSS Antenna with IMU SDK – TP5387SDK



GPS/QZSS-L1, GPS/QZSS-L5, Galileo-E1, Galileo-E5a, BeiDou-B1, BeiDou-B2a


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Your application depends on <10 cm precision without network coverage. We get you there quickly, reliably and repeatedly.

Calian’s High Precision Calian Smart GNSS antennas integrate advanced receivers with High Precision Calian GNSS antennas, connecting Position, Navigation and Timing resources to host systems over digital interfaces.

Calian Smart GNSS SDK’s are a plug and play evaluation platform for Calian’s Smart Antennas, with tools such as: TruPrecision Software, short term complementary augmentation subscription services and simple connection to a PC

The TP5387SDK supports the TW5387 High Precision GNSS Smart Antenna with the following features:

  • Calian Calian Brand L1/L5 Accutenna®
  • NTRIP client for RTK Rover Configurations (<cm accuacy), Stand alone, Point One Navigation Polaris RTK
  • NMEA monitoring, satellite visibility and signal strength, GNSS status monitoring, Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor Fusion status and logging tools with visual state heat-map
  • Status Console to pinpoint issues between antenna, corrections and network connections
TruPrecision Application

TW5387 SDK ordering:

  • 33-TP5387SDK-0:
    • 33-5387-07-10-05-PC0 TW5387 Smart GNSS Antenna with RS-422 interface
    • 33-0095-10 USB to Serial Bridge
  • 33-TP5386SDK-2:
    • 33-5387-27-10-05-PC0 TW5387 Smart GNSS Antenna with RS-232 interface
    • 33-0095-13 USB to Serial Bridge
  • SDK includes:
    • USB to Serial Bridge 
    • link to Calian TruPrecision Application for PointPerfect IP correction streaming

The TruPrecison SDK application is a Windows service which provides an autonomous connection to stream standalone RTK RTCM or NTRIP compliant network RTK corrections to the TW5387 Smart Antenna via a USB Serial Bridge which also provides a Virtual COM Port to allow customers to connect their existing applications to the Calian Smart GNSS Antenna high precision “corrected” position data output. The position data output is NMEA.