Tallysman® Introduces the First Three Helical Products in a New Family of Lightweight Helical GNSS Antennas

April 29, 2019

Ottawa, Canada – Tallysman, a leading manufacturer of high performance
GNSS and Iridium antennas, is announcing the first three products of a new range of
helical antennas to be introduced in 2019.

HC Wide 4cm Housed
Housed Helical Antenna

The first three models of the Tallysman helical family are:

The active GNSS helical antennas feature an industry-leading low current, Low Noise
Amplifier (LNA), and include integrated low-loss pre-filters, to protect against harmonic
interference from high amplitude interfering signals, such as 700MHz band LTE and other
near in-band cellular signals.

Available in both housed and embedded OEM versions, the lightweight Tallysman helical
antennas have excellent axial ratios, making them ideal for a variety of high-precision
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications.

The housed Tallysman helical antenna models feature a robust, military-grade plastic
case, while the embedded Tallysman helical antenna models can be custom-tuned for
any application and configured with a variety of cables and connectors.
Patents have been applied for with respect to several aspects of these new products.
Today Tallysman is announcing the availability of its first three models of the helical
family, with additional models to be announced in Q3 2019 and onward.

“There is a clear requirement for lightweight, high performance antennas for the rapidly
growing UAV market. These new patented helical products are an extension to our
existing range of super-light L1/L2 patch antennas, and will provide customers with a
wider choice of antenna formats to suit their specific application requirements”, says
Tallysman’s President and CTO, Gyles Panther. “These are the first of a number of new
products we plan to introduce for this application to support our already wide customer
base for UAV antennas.”