Calian® Announces TW3972 Antenna’s Railway Industry Qualification

June 21, 2018

Calian® Announces TW3972 Antenna’s Railway Industry Qualification

Ottawa, Canada – Calian, a leading manufacturer of economical high performance GNSS antennas and related products, is pleased to announce that its TW3972 antenna has passed all requirements of the Association of American Railroads’ Electronics Environmental Requirements and System Management Standard (S-9401.V1.0).

AAR Required Tests

Calian’s antenna was subjected to a variety of stringent environmental conditions and had to demonstrate its consistent performance and structural integrity.

The tests simulated various scenarios like locomotive vibrations; exposure to extreme cold, heat and humidity conditions; exposure to blowing rain, sand and dust; as well as being exposed to contaminants, extreme sunlight and salt fog.

All tests were conducted by experienced and accredited laboratories in the U.S. and Canada except for the Storage Temperature and Drop tests, which were conducted by Calian’s Engineering and Quality Assurance teams.

Calian is proud to have developed a robust and high-quality antenna that will help our Railway Industry customers comply with Positive Train Control (PTC) requirements.