Calian Supplies Antennas for Fleet Of Electric Consumer and Delivery Vehicles

August 17, 2021

Calian Supplies Antennas for Fleet Of Electric Consumer and Delivery Vehicles

New antennas enable more precise, reliable positioning of electric vehicles

OTTAWA, August 3, 2021 – Calian® Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY), deliverer of trusted solutions across Advanced Technologies, Health, Learning, and IT & Cyber Solutions segments, has signed an agreement with a manufacturer of electric vehicles to supply two products for their upcoming range. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Smart Power Splitter and the Accutenna® GNSS antennas will be deployed in electric delivery vehicles, and the Accutenna GNSS antennas will be deployed in the manufacturer’s consumer models. These products enable more precise, reliable positioning.

Calian® Accutenna products provide multiband, multi-constellation GNSS reception with tight filter technology. This mitigates interference from near out-of-band radio frequency signals, which can cause degraded signal reception. Calian adapted and refined the COTS Accutenna technology for this specific project, resulting in a patented antenna that meets exacting requirements for phase-based positioning.

“This adoption of the Accutenna antennas is an endorsement of Calian mainstream GNSS antenna technology,” says Gyles Panther, President and CTO, Calian, a Calian company. “We look forward to seeing our technology at work in the electric consumer and delivery vehicles.”

Ottawa-based Calian produces high-precision GNSS antennas for applications that include surveying, spatial reference networks, precise timing for cellular and 5G networks, drones, and automotive. Calian antennas range from cost-effective high-volume products to super precise antennas capable of 0.5mm resolution, making them among the most precise GNSS antennas in the world.

For Calian, this contract represents a significant expansion into the automotive sector. “Electric vehicles are transforming transportation,” says Kevin Ford, Calian CEO. “This supply agreement signals our commitment to continued innovation and growth in the space.”

Production is set to begin in 2021.

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