Integrated GNSS Antennas

Calian’s next generation of integrated GNSS antennas for unrivalled precision.

  • Customizable – housed and OEM versions
  • Supporting SDK software
  • 60-day access to PointPerfect correction services
  • Mag mount or through-hole



The TW5390 is a multi-band (L1/L2, G1/G2, E1/E5b, B1/B2b), multi-constellation (GPS/QZSS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou and SBAS) integrated GNSS receiver/antenna with built in Inertial Measurement Unit (Untethered Dead Reckoning) and integrated L-Band corrections receiver for stand-alone Precise Point Positioning (ublox PPP-RTK). The TW5390 can provide 3-6 cm accuracy after a 40-second convergence period. PPP-RTK positioning accuracy and precision supports the most demanding, navigation, automation, and precision agriculture applications.

Calian XF (eXtended Filtering)

Worldwide, radio frequency (RF) congestion at frequencies above and below the protected Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) frequency bands threatens the clear reception of GNSS signals, and the problem continues to get worse.

Calian XF products have enhanced pre-filters for each frequency band, right at the antenna element feed, as well as additional in-line filters. The overall design of the Low Noise Amplifier supports high linearity which means the antenna will continue to provide GNSS signals in the presence of low level RF interference.

Trusted Partners and Customers

Calian’s GNSS and Iridium antenna products are trusted by these PNT industry leaders.