Mounting Brackets and Ground Plane

Circular Ground Plane – is designed to work with the TW3000 family of antennas. It is a 100mm circular RF reflector with a centre hole to accommodate the antenna. You can see a picture of the ground plane here and a photo of the ground plane with the antenna mounted on it here

Mounting Brackets – Tallysman offers a variety of methods to mount its TW3xxx Family of antennas. Click on the image below to open the Datasheet in a new window.

L-BracketFor pole or wall mount applications in aluminum or, for marine environments, stainless steel.L-Bracket
1 1/4" ID Pipe MountFor affixing the antenna to the top of a pipe with an outer diameter ranging from 39mm to 43mm in diameter.One-one quarter  inch Pipe Mount
Mast MountFor affixing the antenna to a mast with hose clamps. Only for antennas with TNC connectors. Will not accommodate a N-Type connector.Mast Mount
Pipe Thread AdapterThis adapter allows the antenna to be mounted on a pipe with a 3/4" NPT pipe thread.Pipe Thread Adapter