Anti-Jamming Option

Jammers are becoming more prevalent even though, in many jurisdictions, they are illegal. Jammers are indiscriminate. They prevent the reception of wanted GNSS signals by emitting strong electronic “noise” in the same frequency band as the GNSS signals. The result is the LNA (low noise amplifier) in the GNSS antenna saturates resulting in no signal being passed to the GNSS receiver.

Tallysman’s solution to this is to provide an AJ (Anti Jamming) option to its single band TW3000 family of antennas. This option modifies the radiation pattern of the GNSS antenna such that it is “deaf” to signals arriving from -10° to +15° from horizon while slightly increasing the gain of the antenna at zenith. Since jamming signals typically originate at low elevations, using such an antenna mitigates a significant portion of jamming signals.

Please refer to the AJ Datasheet for further details.