Antennas – Iridium

Tallysman offers both housed and embedded antennas for use on Iridium’s™ network.  The housed versions are certified for use by Iridium.  The embedded versions can be custom tuned by Tallysman to provide the optimal performance of the antenna within your housing and with your ground plane, thereby enhancing your certification process with Iridium.

Tallysman’s dual feed antennas provide a truly circular response and signal thereby producing reliable performance.

Iridium™ and Globalstar™ are the property and trademarks of Iridium Communications Inc. and Globalstar, Inc. respectively.

ModelImageCoverageMountGainCurrent (typ.)
HC600IridiumScrew2.8 dBicN/A
TW1600TW1600IridiumOEM4.5 dBicN/A
TW2600TW2605IridiumMagnetic or Adhesive4.25 dBicN/A
TW2600ATW2605Iridium (Receive Only)Magnetic or Screw4.25dBic / 26dB19mA
TW2605TW2605IridiumOEM4.25 dBicN/A
TW2643PTW2605Iridium / GPS L1 / GLONASS G1 / Galileo E1 / BeiDou B1Magnetic or Screw4.25dBicN/A
TW2643POCTW2605Antenna for Open Cellular Project Iridium / GPS L1 / GLONASS G1 / Galileo E1 / BeiDou B1Magnetic or Screw4.25dBic
TW3600TW3000FamilyIridiumThrough Hole4.25 dBicN/A