Tallysman has developed technology specifically for today’s multi-constellational GNSS World.  Unlike traditional single feed patch antennas, Tallysman’s Accutenna technology is designed to provide superior multi-path signal rejection when receiving both GPS L1 and GLONASS G1 signals. The technology provides excellent phase linearity, low axial ratios, and tight Phase Centre Variations (PCV). Tallysman’s technology introduces higher levels of precision at price levels not previously available.

All of Tallysman’s antennas provide invariant response over the fully range of operating voltages and operating temperatures.  They are available with a wide range of connectors and custom cable lengths.

**NEW** Tallysman now offers NMO mount antennas!

Accutenna antennas appear in red below.

ModelImageCoverageMountGain (dB)Current (mA)
TW1320 / TW1322TW1320GPS L1 + GLONASS G1OEM28 / 26 9
TW1421 / TW1422TW1421GPS L1 + GLONASS G1OEM28 10
TW1430TW1421GPS L1 + GLONASS G1OEM3210
TW2405/TW2407TW2405GPS L1 + GLONASS G1OEM28 15
TW2406 / TW2408TW2406GPS L1 + GLONASS G1OEM2815
TW2410/TW24122000GPS L1 + GLONASS G1Magnetic or Adhesive28 / 26 15
TW3320/TW3322TW3000FamilyGPS L1 + GLONASS G1Through Hole28 / 26 9
TW3350/TW3352TW3000FamilyGPS L1 + GLONASS G1Through Hole28 / 26 9
TW3370 / TW3372TW3000FamilyGPS L1 + GLONASS G1Through Hole4016
TW3400/TW3402TW3000FamilyGPS L1 + GLONASS G1Through Hole28 / 26 15
TW3440/TW3442TW3000FamilyGPS L1 + GLONASS G1Through Hole40 19
TW4320 / TW4322tw4000GPS L1 + GLONASS G1Magnetic or Adhesive28 10
TW4327 / TW4329tw4000GPS L1 + GLONASS G1Magnetic or Adhesive28 2
TW4421/TW4422tw4000GPS L1 + GLONASS G1Magnetic or Adhesive28 10