Antennas – GPS L1

Tallysman’s antennas designed to receive the GPS L1 signal typically have 40% more bandwidth than traditional patch antennas, thereby providing more consistent performance.

All of Tallysman’s antennas provide invariant response over the fully range of operating voltages and operating temperatures.  They are available with a wide range of connectors and custom cable lengths.

**NEW** Tallysman now offers NMO mount antennas!

Accutenna antennas appear in red below.

ModelImageCoverageMountGain (dB)Current (mA)
TW1010 / TW1012TW1010GPS L1OEM28 9
TW1015 / TW1017GPS L1OEM15 / 12 5
TW1027TW1010GPS L1OEM242
TW2010/TW20122000GPS L1Magnetic or Adhesive28 / 26 10
TW21002000GPS L1Magnetic or Adhesive27 / 2415
TW2105TW2105GPS L1OEM28 15
TW2106 /TW2108TW2x06GPS L1OEM2815
TW3010/ TW3012TW3000FamilyGPS L1Through Hole28 / 259
TW3030 / TW3032TW3000FamilyGPS L1Through Hole28 / 259
TW3040 / TW3042TW3000FamilyGPS L1Through Hole40 / 3915
TW3100/TW3101TW3000FamilyGPS L1Through Hole27 / 2514
TW3142TW3702_transHRGPS L1Through Hole4019
TW3150 / TW3152TW3702_transHRGPS L1Through Hole5025
TW4020/TW4022tw4000GPS L1Magnetic or Adhesive28 12
TW4027 / TW4029tw4000GPS L1Magnetic or Adhesive24 / 21 2