Our Technology

Tallysman’s focus is on the World of multi-constellation GNSS.  We recognize that the performance of a GNSS system is dependent upon the matched quality of all of its parts.  To this end, Tallysman has developed technology which provides superior performance in a multi-constellation environment.  Tallysman’s Accutenna® technology is specifically designed to provide excellent multi-path signal rejection and tight Phase Centre Variations (PCV). All of Tallysman’s antennas provide consistent performance across all voltages and operating temperatures.

Tallysman has also introduced new patented technology, VeraPhase® Technology. This technology is proving to produce the highest performing GNSS antennas in the World. This technology provides:

  • The lowest axial ratios from horizon to horizon across all GNSS frequencies
  • The most stable and tightest Phase Centre Variations across all frequencies (+/- 1mm)
  • The highest gain across all GNSS frequencies (1164 – 1300MHz + 1559 – 1610MHz)

This technology rivals the performance of choke ring antennas in a smaller, lighter, and less current demanding package. Download Tallysman Veraphase 6000 – White Paper – V2.0

All of this at new economical price points. Tallysman is lowering the cost of precision.