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Calian® offers the widest range of lightweight and aerodynamic world-class precision GNSS antennas designed specifically for UAV applications. Our industry-leading Helical antenna line is ideal for your compact and lightweight copter applications, while our superb Accutenna® family is geared to your aircraft or drone applications that call for an aerodynamic installation.

Both the Helical and Accutenna® families provide wide bandwidth, a tight phase centre enabling high-precision positioning, excellent multipath rejection, and a pre-filter to mitigate strong near-frequency and harmonic signals.

Calian® provides excellent pre-sales and post-sales support. In addition to short delivery lead times, Calian® guides customers through the antenna selection process and provides antenna customization and installation support, as well as tuning for embedded antennas.

We have the products, knowledge and experience to meet your application requirements.

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The Best Autonomous Systems demand the Best GNSS Antennas

  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Interference Mitigating
  • Custom-Designed